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MTA Rifle Scripts (Full Permissions)

 I am proud to offer you the one of my greatest achievements in second life. The MTA Rifle Scripts. These scripts are Full Permissions and are capable of firing Multiple bullet types without Linked Messages. These Scripts keep up the fire rate in the Most extreme Lag conditions, meaning when the lag hits your gun will keep pumping the hurt downrange. They were developed on a homestead or void sim.. Where script resources count and Have proven themselves worthy. I am Confident you will be impressed with there overall Performance.

Included In The MTA Rifle Scripts Case

2 Different Versions of the Script Optimizing the workload for the Would be Scripter.

The Military Script Set
(Bare Bones) No Frills Just the Basic Rifle, Bullet Modes and Silencer
Included With The Set:
Main Rifle Script
Anims Script
4 Rezz Slaves
Adjustable Velocity
Sling Script( For Holster)
Draw,Sling,Prone,Crouch,Standing Animations... Toggle able in Local chat
3 different Ammo Types (Standard Damage, Lagless Damage, Training)

The Role Play Script Set
(Full Effects) Menu Driven, Muzzle Flash, Ejections, Clip fall, Barrel Smoke All Toggle able in the Touch Menu
Included With The Set:
Main Rifle Script
Anims Script
4 Rezz Slaves
Menu Script
2 Casing Rezz Slaves
1 Clip Rezz Slave
Draw,Sling,Prone,Crouch,Standing Animations... Toggle able in Local chat Or via touch Menu
Adjustable Velocity Toggle able in local chat Or via touch Menu
Primmed Muzzle Flash
Primmed Silencer
Sling Script( For Holster)
3 different Ammo Types (Standard Damage, Lagless Damage, Training)
All of this is scripted and Works Flawlessly

The Script Set is Capable of Semi/Automatic firing modes. All Commands are Not Case Sensitive, meaning DRAW or SlinG would work fine.

If you Have Any Comments, Questions, Or Concerns feel free to IM me in World. Heavy666 Bolden.
                                                    Available for 2900L$ on Xtreet

MTA Dual SMG Script Set (Full Permissions)


I am Proud to Offer You My Latest Creation, The MTA Dual Sub-Machinegun/Pistol Scripts. These Scripts as well as Prior Script Sets Have been Developed on Homestead/Void Sims. They Keep pumping the Hurt Downrange. Even in The Most Extreme lag conditions. How Do I know this one might ask? I Use them on the battlefield in my Mac 10's they work amazingly well.



Dynamic Low Lag Operation

These Scripts were not crafted the lazy way as most people seem to do by simply scripting 1 gun and putting it in each hand.

These Scripts Use a single listen on the Zero channel to operate.
They have the capability of firing without linked messages.
Providing a Superior Firerate.


Full Permission Scripts
Left Gun Interface
4 Rezz slaves
Silencer, Scope, and Laser Alpha Scripts
MuzzleFlash and Particle Scripts
Holster Left and Right Main Scripts and Holster Part Scripts.


Dual Standing Anims
Dual Aiming
Dual Reload
Dual Draw/sling
Single Reload
single Hold
single aim
All Full Permission and scripted Flawlessly into the weapon

Weapon Features

Superior Firerate
Adjustable Velocity
Ability to fire Multiple ammo types(Includes Standard Damage and Training)
Muzzle flash
Barrel Smoke
easy integer to toggle semi auto only (for Pistols)
The ability to Save Attachments when slung/Detached Meaning your favorite Options are still enabled when you reattach or redraw the weapon.
All commands are not Case sensitive meaning DRaw or SLing would work fine.

All of This is Scripted and Works Flawlessly

In Closing, This script set is Recommended for Intermediate to Advanced scripters. I have included a detailed instruction panel to simplify the way the weapons should be scripted, to try and Make it easier for beginners. None the less I am sure you will be satisfied with there overall performance and reliability and that you will not regret Purchasing these scripts.

If You have any comments Questions or Concerns regarding any of my products feel free to IM me in-world.

Heavy666 Bolden

See you on the Battlefield.

                                                 Available on Xstreet for 3500L$

MTA Shotgun Script Set (Full Permissions)


I am proud to offer you my latest creation the MTA Shotgun script set.

Inclusive with this set is

7 Rezz slaves
Main Script
Anims script
shell rezz slave
sling script


The set includes two ammunition types, standard damage and training.
The bullets have been scripted to not lock up in lag ensuring all your
ammunition makes it down range and on target. The set also is menu driven
for adjustments on the fly. All effects are toggleable in local chat or via menu.
Velocity as always is adjustable.



Place all Items excluding the Muzzleflash and Sling script into the root prim of your shotgun.
from there ensure all of the scripts have a running status enabled. Attach the muzzleflash on the
end of the barrel and place the sling script in your slinged shotgun piece. Change out sounds and whatnot
through the main script using the comments in the main script.

                                                 Available on Xstreet for 2195L$

MTA RPG Script Set (Full Permissions)


I am proud to offer you My latest Creation, The MTA RPG script set with Full Permissions. This script set features everything you will need to make a High performance consumer grade RPG.

Included with this script set

Full Permission Rocket Launcher Scripts
Full Permission Animations (Custom Made by Me)
Many Particle effects (Barrel smoke, rear flame, rocket Particles)
Full Perm Explosion with Smoke particles and an animated explosion Texture

If you have any Questions comments or concerns about any of my products IM me inworld anytime

See you on the BattleField
Heavy666 Bolden

                                               available on Xstreet for 1200L$

MTA JetPack Scripts (Full Permissions)

Gesture Activated Jet pack Script Set, yours to utilize in your RP or Military Environment. Includes A Particle system that is triggered with the Jetpack and a Primmed Model to simplify the Initial setup of the scripts. Used in the TCG Military jetpacks and is quite impressive in reliability and performance.